Thursday, July 09, 2009

MeediOS Gets Three New Themes

MeediOS, the new open source HTPC program inspired by the old Meedio program has a few new themes to show off.  MeediOS is currently in Alpha and making great strides.


Evolution MeediOS theme

This is a new theme created by Duncan Harris and inspired by the XBMC AEON theme (not a direct port).

MeediOS Evolution Theme


Main Menu:

MeediOS Evolution Theme 2


HDeeTV Theme

This is the HDeeTV MeediOS theme ported from the older Meedio program

MeediOS HDeeTV Theme


Vintage Theme

Finally, this is the Vintage MeediOS theme ported from the older Meedio programMeediOS Vintage Theme


The MeediOS team seems to be making some nice progress.  It's on my list of HTPC programs to watch in the future - especially since it was Meedio that I first used for HTPC back in the day.

Read more about the new themes and MeediOS at the MeediOS blog