Sunday, August 09, 2009

Backup Your SageTV Setup with Useful SageTV Batch Scripts

If you use SageTV as your home media solution, you probably rely on SageTV for TV, movies and music in the home.  So you don’t like downtime and don’t want to deal with setting up everything again in the unfortunate case when something goes wrong.  A SageTV user who goes by “robogeek” posted some extremely helpful scripts to help you out with your backup process.

What do the batch scripts do?

  1. Daily backup of SageTV configuration files
  2. Weekly, complete backup of SageTV directory and underlying SageTV files as well as optional other directories to back up if you want.
  3. Manual backup script to run prior to upgrades or major changes in configuration of your HTPC setup.
  4. WHS compatible batch scripts for the above functions

The daily & weekly backup scripts also auto-delete old backups as long as your windows command line includes the forfiles command - Just drop Forfiles (from Microsoft) into you Windows directory (usually C:\Windows\ ) and it should work.

I’m currently testing these out on my setup and they work great.  Read more and get the download at the SageTV Forums