Monday, August 10, 2009

VideoReDo New Beta Available


If you ever need to edit video in a simple, fast interface and you’re an HTPC user I really recommend checking out VideoReDo.  I discovered it when using Snapstream’s BeyondTV and continue to use it with SageTV

VideoReDo Video Editing

VideoReDo lets you edit recorded video, it detects commercials for you and even recognizes markers for shows that have already detected the commercials.  VideoReDo released a new beta version at the end of last month which I’ve begun to try out and it has some very nice features including:

  • Transport stream: Added option on the Tools>Options>Transport stream page to add the GeoSatPro header.
  • Thumbnails: New option to display frame type (I, P or B) in each thumbnail.
  • DVR-MS: Automatically recover from corrupt files.
  • Batch processing: Batch processing scripts, vp.vbs and adscan.vbs, will display % complete while processing.
  • Many, many bug fixes and improvements.

It supports DV-MS, WTV, MPEG and most standard video formats. I’m most excited about the alpha test ongoing for editing H.264 files which will help me with the HD shows I record with my Hauppauge HD-PVR.

Check out the changelog for the beta at the VideoReDo forums.

Read More about VideoReDo here