Saturday, August 15, 2009

SageTV HD Theater Beta Update – WiFi Improvements & USB Keyboard Support

The SageTV team has obviously been paying attention to their customers and critics because over the past week they’ve addressed two of the most mentioned negatives of the popular SageTV HD Theater extender & media player.


With the latest beta firmware “20090814 1” we now have basic support for USB keyboards.  I’ve tried two different wireless USB keyboards and one wired USB keyboard all of which just worked – no setting changes or anything else required.  Note this is currently only in extender mode and not media player (standalone) mode yet.  But it’s an often mentioned missing feature that will be welcomed by many a SageTV user.

Vidabox Premium Wireless HTPC Keyboard

Just less than two weeks ago SageTV added support for wireless via a USB adapter (I’ll have more on that soon.)  And also included in the beta firmware is a WiFi settings fix for those that use the WEP wireless protocol.

Full Changelog for beta firmware 20090814 1

Core changes:

  1. Fix hexadecimal key support for WEP
  2. Basic USB keyboard support in extender mode

Media Player (Standalone) UI changes:
  • Search menu: The Search command refreshes the search results.
  • Search Menu: Update the search results if a video is deleted.
  • Changed maximum CC and subtitle font size to 50.
  • The CC and Subtitle font sizes can be changed via the left & right arrows while in the "Caption & Subtitle Options" dialog during video playback.
  • Fixed bug where thumbnail preloader threads did not correctly pause after user input.
  • Added hidden option for CIFS Browse Debug Logging to Detailed Setup -> General.


Remember, these updates are still in beta so to get the updates you need to follow this procedure: While using the HD200 as a Media Player (standalone mode), use the remote's number pad to enter the code 2382 ('beta') on the HD200's Settings -> System Update menu in order to tell it to look for the beta version

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