Tuesday, August 18, 2009

DVRMSToolbox New Public Release

If you are a DVRMSToolbox user you’ll want to check out the latest public release of the excellent HTPC software.

Version was released today with many new features and improvements. 

NOTE: This release is the same a R4 “early access” version.


Highlights from the Change log:

  • ConvertVideoFile supports Native A/V container swaps (w/ editing)
  • ConvertVideoFile supports TS output if SageTV installed
  • Added ExtractCC action (uses ccextractor - included in package) dumps SRT subtitles
  • ConvertVideoFile will mux SRT subtitles into MKV if ExtractCC is used in profile
  • ConvertVideoFile file editing much more robust, works with compressed and uncompressed samples (i.e. transcoding is not required)
  • Use MediaInfo.dll for non-SBE file types media metadata
  • Setting to disable adding media type information to metadata
  • Updated version of mencoder
  • Updated Comskip to 80.023
  • Added DTBVideoEditor GUI application (UI for VideoConvertor, convertor used by ConvertVideoFile)
  • Included "MPC - Audio Decoder Filter (babgvant)"; customized audio decoder from MPC-HC project
  • Included "MPC - Mpeg Splitter (Gabest)"; MPEG-PS/TS splitter from MPC-HC project (MERIT modified)
  • Included "MPC - MPEG-2 Video Decoder (Gabest)"; MPEG video decoder from MPC-HC project (MERIT modified)
  • Included "MPC - SubtitleSource (S_TEXT/UTF8)"; SRT source filter from MPC-HC project
  • Included "MPC - Video decoder (babgvant)"; customized video decoder from MPC-HC


There are many more Check out the entire list of changes at AndyVT’s Blog