Sunday, August 16, 2009

TV Premieres: What to Watch 08/16 – 08/23

We’re in the final few weeks of summer with many returning to school already.  This week’s premieres though really begin the Fall 2009 season.

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Below you’ll find all this weeks premieres through next Sunday.

Project Runway Heidi Klum

Project Runway returns – on Lifetime Thursday with host Heidi Klum

NOTE: All Times are Listed for EST

Sunday 08/16/2009

Mad Men (10pm on AMC) – Season 3 begins

My Antonio (10pm on VH1) – Another new reality TV show where Thirteen women arrive in Hawaii with hopes of winning the heart of actor Antonio Sabato, Jr.

Reality Hell (10pm on E!) - The subjects of this hidden-camera hybrid show on E! think they are contestants on a real reality show. They gear up for their 15 minutes of fame, only to have it turn into a time of infamy.

Monday 08/17/2009

Fixer: The Taking of Ajmal Naqshbandi (9pm on HBO) – 25 year old Afghan’s job was to escort foreign journalists through rough areas of Afghanistan.  He and an Italian journalist was decapitated after being kidnapped by the Taliban.  This is a documentary of sorts talking about this story as well as the role people like Ajmal play.

Flipping Out (10 m on Bravo) – Season 3 of a show that takes a look at a real estate speculator, Jeff Lewis who lives in LA. He buys houses and "flips" them, selling them for a profit after fixing them up. He does so with the help of an unusual mix of disgruntled employees that he counts as friends.


Tuesday 08/18/2009

Shaq Vs. (9pm on ABC – Available in HD) – A new reality show that pits NBA champion Shaquille O'Neal against other athletes in their own sports.  The first opponent is Ben Roethlisberger

The Secret Lives of Women (10pm on WE) – A strange reality TV (or something like that) show that goes behind closed doors with women of varying lifestyles and backgrounds to talk about their “secrets.”


Wednesday 08/19/2009

Ghost Hunters (9pm on SyFy - Available in HD) – Season 6.  Really.

Top Chef: Las Vegas (9pm on Bravo) – Season 6 of the popular cooking competition/reality TV show.


Thursday 08/20/2009

Project Runway (10pm on Lifetime) – Heidi Klum hosts the fashion competition with it’s debut on a new channel – Lifetime.  The wait was partly due to multiple lawsuits…

Models of the Runway (11pm on Lifetime) – A companion series to Project Runway that looks at life backstage and behind-the-scenes of the catwalk from the model's perspective.


Sunday 08/23/2009

The 58th Miss America Pageant (9pm on NBC – Available in HD)

 What Would Brian Boitano Make? (1pm on Food Network) – a new cooking show on Food Network.  With Brian Boitano.


Season Finales this Week:

  • 8/16 7pm “Easy Money” series finale on CW
  • 08/18 9pm “Hawthorne”  season finale on TNT
  • 08/18 10pm “Miami Social” season finale on Bravo
  • 08/19 9pm “I Survived a Japanese Game Show” season finale on ABC
  • 08/19 10pm “The Nine” series finale on DirecTV
  • 08/19 10pm “Top Chef Masters” season finale on Bravo
  • 08/23 8pm “Who Wants to be a Millionare?” season finale on ABC

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