Saturday, August 22, 2009

GeekTonic Week in Review – August 22

Quite a bit of news this week including some downers for Windows Media Center.  I’ll have a little more about Windows Media Center, SageTV and more coming up soon.

Below is a quick summary of the past week's news and stories on GeekTonic.


  • SageTV HD Theater Extender & Media Player Now $180 SageTV seems to have dropped the price of the HD200 to $179.95.
  • Preview of an Awesome Looking XBMC Skin Called Surrface – A little teaser video of a pretty XBMC skin.
  • Rumor: Dish Network Tuner for Media Center Unlikely – Surely the biggest disappointment of the week for HTPC enthusiasts was the news that the Dish MediaCenter tuner is not going to happen.
  • Converting to SageTV from BeyondTV – A BTV user chronicles his move from BeyondTV to SageTV as well as his experiences cutting his cable bill down in size.
  • Recorded TV Manager 3 – Move Recorded TV in Windows 7 MediaCenter
  • Windows 7 Gets Dolby Digital Plus Support 
  • DVRMSToolbox New Public Release
  • How To Connect the SageTV HD Theater to your Wireless Network – A guide to connecting your HD Theater (HD200) to your wireless network along with screenshots and info about which wireless USB adapters work.
  • Okoro Announces BX300 HTPC with Windows MC & SageTV – a “plug-n-play” option for Windows MediaCenter or SageTV HTPC.
  • More Plex HTPC Plugins – The mac-based Plex HTPC announces more plugins
  • WDTV Version 2 Photos Leaked – Western Digital is updating its popular WDTV to a new version
  • Windows Media Center SDK RTM Released – Some good and bad news for Windows MediaCenter
  • TV Premieres: What to Watch 08/16 – 08/23
  • SageTV HD Theater Beta Update – WiFi Improvements and Keyboard Support

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