Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Rumor: Dish Network Tuner for Media Center Unlikely

NOTE:  This is not a confirmed fact at this point – but it’s my opinion that it wouldn’t have been posted in this way on EngadgetHD if it wasn’t pretty sure.

Remember that Dish Network Satellite tuner everyone was expecting for Media Center?  Reports are leaking out that while beta testers loved the tuners and they seemed to work great – the project (Project Draco) has been killed by either Microsoft or Dish Network.

An unbelievable result for a lot of reasons namely it seemed there was a very workable solution ready to go for Media Center.  This along with the lack of extenders seems to beg the question “has Microsoft given up on Media Center as a product?”  I’m beginning to wonder – especially with Microsoft’s tagline for Media Center “TV on the PC.”  It almost seems as if it has been put by the wayside as one more extra app available to the OS and not a real product/tool for HTPC users or even enthusiasts.  I’m getting bad “vibes” about the Hauppauge HD-PVR native support in MediaCenter as well, but don’t have anything official to report at this point.

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