Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Windows 7 Gets Dolby Digital Plus Support

Dolby Digital Plus

News from Dolby Laboratories has arrived telling us that Microsoft is adding support for Dolby Digital Plus for Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate editions.

Great news for those getting Windows 7 when it is released in October and especially good news for Media Center users.  Why?  Because many of the content providers and broadcasters use Dolby Digital Plus – a high-efficiency audio codec that aims to maintain the quality of Dolby Digital at a lower data rate.  All while staying fully compatible with the current Dolby digital A/V receivers.

Benefits of Dolby Digital Plus according to Dolby:

  • Delivers superior audio quality for a richer surround sound experience
  • Enables up to 7.1 channels of theatre-quality sound
  • Unlocks the full audio potential from Blu-ray Discs, HD broadcast, and streamed and downloaded media
  • Ensures that you hear audio precisely as it was intended

via Hexus.net – found by EngadgetHD