Monday, June 21, 2010

Amazon Kindle Price Drops to $189

Well that didn’t take long after all.  After the new Nook pricing and Wi-Fi only version, Amazon today dropped the price of the Amazon 6” Kindle by $70 to $189 with free shipping!  It was just this morning I was comparing prices of the 2 Nook versions with the Kindle and concluded this:

Take that along with the competition from the iPad and Amazon should see its Kindle sales drop quickly without a significant move on their part.

Amazon, it’s your move.  If you don’t hurry I see the Nook taking the e-reader niche away while Apple gets the rest.


And just a few hours later Amazon did the best thing they could to stay in the competition – they lowered the price of the Kindle to $189 – just $10 less than the 3G + Wi-Fi version of the Nook.  Still $40 more than the Wi-Fi only version of the Nook though so I see them losing the overall price battle until they add a Wi-Fi only version and add Wi-Fi to the 3G Kindle.  But at least they are paying attention.  Now lets see what new hardware Amazon can give us – I personally think a Wi-Fi only version is the next obvious step.