Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Windows 7 Media Center Cumulative Update for June Available

Microsoft pushed out a Microsoft Cumulative Update for June 2010 with some new Windows 7 Media Center updates. 

This months update fixes the following issues:

  • If there is a revoked version of the PlayReady PC Runtime installed when you use Windows Media Center to play protected content, a “Copy Prohibited” overlay message or a black screen is displayed. After you apply this update, the overlay message will direct you to the appropriate PlayReady PC Runtime update on the Microsoft Update website.
  • You reference a backup database when the guide database in Windows Media Center is corrupted. If you set a manual recording on a channel that is not listed in the backup database, the Mcupdate.exe process crashes.
  • Schedule data may disappear in regions that use in-band guide data. For example, schedule data disappear in Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) regions.
  • Windows Media Center crashes when you use an invalid path for a recorded TV location.

    The update is available now via Windows Update.

    Read the entire changelog at Microsoft.com