Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sonos Music Server Getting iPad Controller App

If you follow me on twitter you likely know I’ve been reviewing a Sonos setup for whole-home, wireless music.  The free iPhone (and iPod Touch) app that controls Sonos is one of the things that makes Sonos an easy device to love.  But I’ve been thinking of how nice an iPad app would be with Sonos given the extra real estate you have with an iPad and the fact that you’re likely only going to be using your Sonos in the house.  Well today Sonos announced they are doing just that and should have a new Sonos Controller for iPad available in the iTunes App Store sometime late August.

Sonos iPad 2

The Sonos Controller for iPad will include the following features:

  • Landscape and portrait modes
  • Multi-pane view
  • See your music menu, what’s playing in every room, and what’s in your queue, complete with vivid album art—all at once.
  • Quickly search for your favorite artists by typing on the virtual keyboard and browse through albums by pointing and flicking. Then simply drag and drop to add to your queue.
  • Price = free.  Like the iPhone app, the iPad app will be available as a free download

Not sure what it’s all about?  Check out this video demo promo by Sonos:


You can read more about the new iPad controller at www.sonos.com/ipad.  Visit www.sonos.com to learn more about Sonos.  I’ll have a full review of Sonos in the coming days.