Thursday, June 24, 2010

N PVR HTPC Software (formerly GB-PVR) Updates to 1.5.21 Beta

It was just over a week ago when N-PVR was introduced as the next generation of the popular freeware HTPC software formerly known as GBPVR.  Today an update, N-PVR 1.5.21 beta is available for download with many bug fixes and improvements.


Some of the changes include:

  • now defaulting to 9750/11700/10600 LNB settings outside of NZ.

  • .mpg playback is now honoring the decoder selections. Previously only .ts files would, and decoders used during .mpg playback would be chosen by Windows.

  • minor visual changes to the Recording screen to make it clearer that left/right will switch between the various recording lists.

  • fixed several PCH issues (some screen rendering problems, playback position, skipping, problem with switch back/forth between cover/list views)

  • added tray icon support for starting N-PVR.

  • added basic support for EVR aspect ratios with negative values. Its not perfect, but does work. Due to an EVR limitation, the OSD graphics are displayed in a slightly incorrect position on the screen (too narrow).

  • fixed a problem where MVP server windows were visible
    - window size and position now remembered between runs of the application.
    - added a setting screen for selecting which plugins are visible in the main menu. (I expect to do more work in the future to allow reordering etc, but this is at least a start)



More information about the N-PVR upgrade, full changelog & the download is at GBPVR forums