Tuesday, June 08, 2010

SageTV 7 Plugin Spotlight - Horizontal Main Menu


Now that SageTV7 has been around for a few weeks more and more plugins and add-ins are becoming available through the new plugin manager.  One of the more interesting ones is by the same guy working on the MyMovies for SageTV plugin, pluckyHD.  Today he’s released a horizontal theme called “Plucky’s Theme” and another plugin called “Plucky’s Menu Mod.”


Plucky’s Menu Mod lets you make the following modifications to the main SageTV7 menu:

  • Change the main menu to a horizontal orientation instead of the standard vertical layout
  • Remove items from the main menu
  • Rename main menu items – I’m especially happy about this one as I can now change “Videos” to be called “Movies” like I prefer
  • Move the menu bar to the top, middle or bottom of the screen

Here’s a quick demo video of the theme & menu mod in action:



Below is the options menu:


And the re-name menu:


Great work by one of the hard working SageTV 3rd party developers!

Read more about these plugins at the SageTV forums

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