Wednesday, August 11, 2010

AppleTV Rumors – iTV and 720P?


Engadget has a rumor post up today (I’ll consider it a rumor until official) about the much talked about new version of AppleTV expected this Fall.

Good News:

  • The new version of AppleTV seems to be more and more likely.
  • Supposedly will be priced at $99 which isn’t too bad of a price
  • There would likely be an App store in this scenario since it will basically be a little, iPhone 4 without the phone or screen…

Bad News:

  • The insides supposedly will be iPhone 4 like:  A4 CPU, 16GB of flash storage
  • Supposedly can only handle up to 720p video – not 1080i or 1080p video!  I personally can’t believe they would do this but that’s what Engadget is saying.
  • Apple will be officially changing the name of the device to iTV…

Take this information with a grain of salt.  It’s just a leak and we never know about these things for sure until Apple tells us.  I personally can’t believe they would try to pull this one off as the new AppleTV, but I guess you never know…

Check out the story at Engadget