Monday, August 09, 2010

Weekly List of HD Sports – at Digital Media Zone

For the past several years I’ve diligently shared with GeekTonic readers the list of upcoming TV premieres, finales and specials.  And along with that I tell you which shows are available in HD too.  But one thing I just haven’t kept up with on those weekly lists is the sporting events.  This troubles me a little because I really like sports – especially in HD or in person.  Today I wanted to point those of you who care about sports on your HD TV set in the right direction.

I do throw in a significant game or two on my weekly TV list, but I wanted to share with you my go-to site for those times when you want more info on sports TV.  Each week Phil Lozen of the Digital Media Zone shares with us the sports on TV for the week including their HD goodness.  If you’re a sports fan, consider adding this to your TV to watch reading list:

HD Sportsman at Digital Media Zone