Sunday, August 08, 2010

N PVR Updates to 1.5.28 Beta

Do you use N-PVR, the next generation of the popular freeware HTPC software formerly known as GBPVR?  There have been several, important updates since June.

The latest beta is 1.5.28 and is available for download with many bug fixes and improvements. 

Here is a sampling of the new features & fixes:

  • Added basic FM radio support. You can manual add FM stations in the analog capture source settings.
  • Added initial Client/Server support.
  • Added a workaround to give more accurate skipping when playing .ts recordings (for comskip users etc). New recordings on NTFS drives are those that will benefit from these improvements.
  • Fixed a problem with the @hasMetadata/@hasImage in library screens
  • Fixed an issue with video library not always showing preview image when metadata
  • Added support for media\shows\*.xml
  • Added support for directory based 'movie.nfo' file

Check out the full changelog & get the download at N-PVR’s Forum Page