Friday, August 13, 2010

Enable More than 4 CableCard Tuners with Microsoft MediaCenter

One of the really silly restrictions Microsoft put on MediaCenter users is the limits on the number of tuners they are allowed to use.  Well today it appears there is a way to get around that 4-CableCard Tuner limit:


Method #1:  MissingRemote tells us about TunerSalad an app that circumvents that restriction with ease.


Method #2: BigScreenEPG has had this capability for a while now and since the cat is out of the bag on getting around that restriction they decided to let everyone know how.  Read more about the BigScreenEPG method here


So there you have it.  Go ahead and ignore the dumb 4-CableCard restriction on Windows 7 MediaCenter and record as much cable TV as you can stand!