Monday, August 13, 2007

Another Reason to DIY HTPC: Time Warner to Disable Fast Fowarding Commercials

Beginning in October of this year, Time Warner plans to start a new service called "look back". They call it DVR-like which is another way of saying this is an Even More Crippled DVR then ever before. The service will be free of charge to its customers (except for the fact you are already paying for the service in your cable bill!) and it will force you to watch the show before midnight on the day it's shown (it deletes after that) and it won't let you fast forward through the commercials at all.

This is an obvious attempt to get the general public to think they are getting a DVR while at the same time trying to squeeze out the Tivo, MCE, BTV, SAGETV competition.

Bad Idea and more of a reason to build your own Home Theater PC/PVR.