Wednesday, August 15, 2007

iFrame - a DIY Digital Photo Frame That Does it All

I've highlighted many photo frames in the past including the one I made, but I just ran across one that is rather unique in functionality. Jake Durrett has created a do-it-yourself digital photo frame that in his words "can do it all." He built the DPF from an Apple iBook G3.

His initial concept (which didn't start out as a digital photo frame) had these requirements:

  • The computer needed to be hooked into the sound system.
  • The computer needed to display on its built-in display and also mirror that video to all of his TVs. He wanted to use the iTunes visualizer to display while serving music.
  • Everything needed to be controlled from the PC - no wires, but still have the ability to control everything with one click without getting up.
  • Needed to handle DVD's, burn DL DVDs, and pretty much anything .

With those goals in mind, he got the idea to use a laptop converted into a picture frame. Not just any picture frame, but one that could handle about anything thrown at it.

Here are a few photos from the project:
Check out the entire project over at Jake Durret's Site

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