Monday, August 13, 2007

Hack iLife HD for Free iMovie HD

Here's a hack for all of you Mac users out there. If you have Apple iLife 08, Apple is giving you iMovieHD for free. But if you have older versions of Apple iLife (before the 08 version), you can still get iMovie HD for free with a simple hack:

  1. open up the terminal (/Applications/Utilities/Terminal)
  2. type: defaults write /Library/Preferences/ HappyCakeOven -bool YES
  3. hit enter your machine will be able to use iMovie HD for free!
  4. Run the iMovie HD installer and you're done
That's it.

If you're not sure what iMovie does here's a quick summary: iMovie is a tool to view and work with video. It has a built-in library that automatically organizes your videos, so all the clips you’ve captured and movies you’ve created are just a click away. It has an interface that makes it quick and easy to browse your library and create new movies. You can also add movies to your website, publish them on YouTube, and create versions for iPod, iPhone, and Apple TV.

For More details on the hack check out xl8yourmac forums

Found via UneasySilence - another favorite blog of mine.