Friday, August 17, 2007

MySpace Music Hack: Download MySpace Songs For Free

We have yet another website that is offering a way to find and download free songs that are meant to be streamed on MySpace. This one is To use it, you simply type in the band name without spaces (so if you wanted to search for "Plain White T's" you would type in "plainwhitet's" in the search box and click on the "get songs" button. It will then pull up a list of any songs available by name. To download them, you right-click on the song name and select save link as. You will want to name the file so you know what song and artist it is of course. One thing to note - you can only download one song per search so if you are wanting to download two songs from one artist, you would need to click "get songs" button after the first download.
This is a screenshot of the website after searching for Kelly Clarkson

It's doubtful this site will stay up for long as I would imagine the legality of this site is seriously in question. Another problem is that the songs are recorded at around 96kbps so not the greatest quality in the world. You can check it out yourself at