Monday, August 13, 2007

Madden 08 For the Wii Get Ready For Some Football!

Are you ready for some football on the Wii? Madden 08 for the Wii Console will be out this Tuesday, August 14th and I plan to pick this one up this week for certain.

Here are a few of the features of the Wii's Madden 08:

  • Exhibition match-ups
  • Online lobby with real-time leaderboards
  • EA Locker features
  • EA “My Profile” when online, which includes country of origin, win/loss record, defensive percentage, overall ranking, and 5-star reputation score
  • ESPN ticker updates
  • Promised downloadable content such as roster updates planned for late 2008, early 2009
  • Friend Code Implementation: Unknown as of right now, interface will be similar from other versions. Wii players will be able to randomly play against an opponent.
  • No voice chat, but will offer EA’s instant-messaging system
  • Telestrator (see video for explanation)
  • Camera Controls using Wii controller
  • Mii Support - link your stats to your mii character
  • Offline: 22 different mini-games
  • Party mode, allow players to play new drills such as the 40-yard dash, football mini-games, football trivia and more. Your performance in party mode will also affect your party mode rating, which can go as high as 99. This rating is recorded via your system’s own Mii roster.

    If you're still not yet excited about this new game, check out the video - This game will be a big hit for the Wii as well as Xbox360 and Playstation3.

Another Madden 08 trailer video showing some gameplay is below:

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