Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Free Easy Photo Editor - Photobie

Looking for a free, but still powerful photo editing software program? Look no further then Photobie. Photobie is a Windows application built as an easy-to-use, but feature-packed tool that supports photoshop filter (.8bf) plugins and also includes an advanced screen capture tool, a gif animation tool, a photo framing tool, a batch resize and rotate tool as well as a slide show maker.

The Photobie interface takes some getting used to and doesn't have some of the polish you might see in Adobe Photo Shop Elements for example, but Photobie still packs in a great number of photo editing and manipulation tools with more power than you will see in many other editing software programs. If GIMP is too much to learn for your taste, Photobie might be the perfect freeware for you. Learning the program doesn't take too much work and there are many tutorials available on their website. The program includes all basic editing actions like image crop, color correction and resizing as well as batch processing (the editing/processing of multiple images at one time). Another major plus is it has full support for multilayer editing and support for photoshop-compatible plugins.

The latest version 4.1.1 includes these new features:

  • An improved GUI
  • Plugin Manager
  • You can save photobie image to PDF with various resolutions
  • Enhanced brushes category support: you can create sub-directory within brushes directory and categorize your brushes within specific directory. Photobie will automatically pickup those brushes as new categories, and you can switch category easily.
  • Thumbnail panel for current opening images: you can also tile all opening images horizontally or vertially.
  • New rotation bar in the Layer Manager.

If you are looking for something more simple then Photobie that simply focuses only cropping multiple images, you might also want to check out JPEGCrops.