Sunday, November 11, 2007

AllofMP3 for Movies: ZML


You may have heard of the extremely popular, but thorn-in-the-side for the music industry -  Well after selling non-DRM'd mp3's to the masses for dirt cheap (they didn't pay royalties for the music so were pretty much illegal) and eventually getting shut down the Russians are back at it again, this time selling movies online for $1.99.

After AllofMP3 site was finally shut down it was re-branded & re-launched as MP3Fiesta and continues to sell music online today.  And now MP3Fiesta has launched a new movie download service they are calling ZML that will most definitely be on Hollywood's hit list.

If you read their terms of service, you'll see that they built in a sneaky little terms of service that tries to say they are following the Russian Organization for multimedia and Digital Systems (ROMS) rules (although ROMS won't recognize the organization if this goes like it did with AllofMP3).  The TOS also say this: 

"You can't buy movies on the site if it violates the laws of your country."

Yes this statement is pretty silly and no it doesn't mean you can legally purchase movies from, but they'll sell a ton of movies here until they get shut down anyway.

The site sells thousands of hit movies and the downloads are compatible with all the major devices including iPod's Zunes and DivX players.  Here's a screen-shot of the site:


While I think this would be the perfect model (DRM-free and usable in all devices) for other Movie Download sites, I should probably mention that I don't think downloading movies from this site is a good idea.  It looks like it's illegal and unethical as well.

via AllofMP3 forums