Tuesday, September 30, 2008

HDMI Not Always Compatible With Closed Captioning

Closed Captioning

I’m not a big user of closed captioning (subtitles), but I know many use the captions due to hearing problems or even to use in a noisy atmosphere in the home.  Word is out that HDMI may not always work with captioning and since HDMI is becoming more and more common on newer HDTV’s this could become a bigger problem – especially when analog television goes away for everyone in February 2009. 
So when you go to purchase a television, check to be sure the captioning is working while hooked up via the HDMI ports.  Better yet, make sure you have component connectors on that TV as well since HDMI is pretty finicky and often causes other problems.

Closed Captioning in Media Center

For those of you with High Definition TV's, let me know in the comments if your TV gets close captioning and how your TV is connected.  I know that in Vista Media Center, CC is supported (in the U.S., not Teletext as is used in Europe), but there is no official support for CC with BeyondTV or SageTV.
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