Wednesday, October 01, 2008

New Netflix Watch Now Titles from STARZ

After complaining about the lack of good Netflix Watch Now content available, Netflix seems to be really working on adding newer titles to their collection.

Today, Netflix announced an agreement with Starz Play that adds another 1,000 or so titles to their collection today, with another 1,500 titles by the end of the year.  On the Netflix Blog they highlighted included movies such as “No Country for Old Men”, “Ratatouille,” “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End,” “Superbad,” and “Spider-Man 3.”

I took a screen-shot from the newly added titles to give you an example, but you can see all the newly available choices here.
New Netflix Titles
They'll also have available a sneak preview of "Crash" the new Starz series plus new episodes available on the same day and date of release.  Netflix is also offer a Starz Play-only subscription for $7.99 per month - sort of a "premium" subscription level for watch-now only users.

While these are obviously not brand-new releases, they definitely raise the bar on quality and freshness.  There were certainly some good titles in their collection before, but not much in the way of newer movies so this addition will go a long way in terms of making the service more attractive.

A few weeks ago, Netflix also several new CBS, Disney and NBC TV episodes as well.  I think Netflix gets it and will continue to work on improving their watch-now collection while maintaining the service as a subscription-based model instead of a pay-per-title model.
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