Saturday, October 04, 2008

CliqueClack TV - What TV Squad Used to Be

Interested in Television?  Like to read opinions, summaries and anything and everything about television?  Check out the new CliqueClack TV blog created in the vein of AOL's TV Squad.

AOL has cut TV Squad and many of their other blogs down to a fraction of what they once were.  The TV Squad crew is still writing for TV Squad for now, but are doing a little less and a little different approach than in the past there.  Interestingly, almost the entire crew from TV Squad is now writing those same familiar stories about all of our favorite shows at the new CliqueClack TV blog.  Here's a little more about CliqueClack TV in their own words:
A new website has entered the
television blogging arena. CliqueClack TV (
has officially opened its virtual doors, providing a new face on some
familiar people, with commentary and content without boundaries.

Along with fellow TV Squad writers, former editor of TV Squad, Keith McDuffee, has built CliqueClack TV as a means of providing more opinionated television episode reviews, dedicated columns and overall edgy commentary that's free of corporate influence.

CliqueClack TV is a clique of TV fanatics, here to clack to you about what moves us and what moves you in the world of television, whether it's via lustful-like passion, mouth-frothing hatred or something in-between. The authors and contributors of CliqueClack TV are the
ceiling and the floor of this establishment. We are our own boundaries.

All of this is a result of the major budget cuts at AOL.  Many bloggers have left the AOL fold, but the TV Squad crew took a different approach.  They're still there at TV Squad doing the lighter blog that AOL has redirected, but many of the same writers are now writing those always interesting stories about television that we've come to love at TV Squad.  Read more about the turmoil of the TV Squad Crew at TechCrunch

I still have TV Squad in my list of RSS feeds, but I can tell you that thus far CliqueClack TV is where its at.  TV Squad has been severely neutered to the point of unhappinness.  I'll be supporting the writers at the new site going forward.