Tuesday, January 06, 2009

BeyondTV Power Command Line Tools

Snapstream LogoIf you’re looking for a little extra “power” for your BeyondTV setup, you might want to check out “BTV Command Line Tools.”

What Does BTV Command Line Tools Do?

  • Extract metadata from BeyondTV recordings
  • Import Metadata into BeyondTV recordings
  • Initiate a streamsnip job (removes unnecessary HD signal data) from the command line without knowing the recordings major and minor channels or even the correct stream information.  In laymans terms, streamsnip removes what you don’t need from the OTA digital recording and this app doesn’t require you to understand how or why.
  • Many other command line tools

Requirements: BTV 4.8.1

Read more and get the download at the BTV Command Line Tools Snapstream Forum Thread