Monday, January 05, 2009

Evolution of Windows Media Center From Birth to Windows 7

Microsoft has posted a short video that takes you from their work to get the PC to the living room even before Media Center.  It’s short, but shows the evolution fo the interfaces along the way as well including a quick overview of Windows 7 Media Center.


Evolution of Windows Media Center


Media Center Timeline


  • 1997 Microsoft acquires WebTV


  • 1998 released WebTV Plus that included a TV tuner and programming guide

WebTV Plus

  • 1998 June - WebTV for Windows built into Windows 98 with support (drivers etc) for TV Tuner Cards in Windows



  • 2002 Windows XP Media Center Edition Released


  • 2004 Digital Tuner support and hardware extender support (including Xbox)


  • 2006 Vista Home Premium includes Vista Media Center

  • 2009 Windows 7 includes newest version of Vista Media Center – there will be a few exciting surprises for this one:  Stay tuned for news on that very soon.



Video discovered via Entertainment 2.0