Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Linksys Media Hub NAS

LinksysMediaNASLinksys announced the "Linksys Media Hub NAS" at CES.  This new Media Network Attached Storage Device looks pretty good and has a very nice feature set as well including a front-panel LCD display and card reader.

They'll have three different models: 500 GB without the LCD for $350, 500 GB with LCD for $400 and 1TB with LCD for $430.  Each of these models can be expanded from the included single hard drive with a second hard drive of your choosing.  It's built on a linux platform that will work with PC, Mac and of course Linux and includes a nice looking web inteface with media browsing and playback capability.  Streaming to UPnP DLNA devices is included as well as the ability to stream iTunes.

Not a bad little device if you're looking for a way to expand your media storage options.


Read more at SmallNetBuilder (photo from SmallNetBuilder)