Friday, January 09, 2009

GeekTonic gets Mention on HTGuys Podcast


As many of my readers know I'm a avid listener of podcasts and one of my favorites mentioned GeekTonic on todays show.  HTGuys does a daily HDTV Podcast that covers the news, some reviews and pretty much all HD-related coverage.

They reviewed the always popular, bi-annual TV Season Premiere Guide in quite a bit of depth.  If you're a TV fan and like HDTV, be sure and check out the January 9th HDTV Podcast (#344).  I listen to most of their podcasts and highly recommend them!  This is probably the third time the GeekTonic TV Premier Guide has been mentioned on excellent podcasts - the last time was on the highly recommended EngadgetHD podcast.


By the way, I updated the TV Premiere Listings PDF downloads with several updates and improved formatting.  There is a by-date listing and a alpha-by-name listing available for download so be sure and check it out.


Check out the HDTV Podcast at