Thursday, January 08, 2009

Boxee Update with Joost, MTV Music and BBC iPlayer - Updated to alpha


Today is the day as we mentioned a few weeks ago that boxee  opens up its alpha to all Mac, Ubuntu and AppleTV users.  Boxee saved the full announcement for CES where they are demonstrating the boxee app.  They are also widening (moving it to private beta) the Windows version to more people with "thousands of invites each week" going out.

This new release includes:

  • Joost
  • MTV Music
  • BBC iPlayer for UK users
  • New keyboard shortcuts (finally)
  • Bunches of bug fixes.

The boxee team has also started the Boxee API with a site with guidelines for developers who want to build apps to run on boxee.

For a free app, boxee offers quite a bit to its users.  Hulu, Netflix and lots of other online streaming along with media playback using the 10-foot interface.

Here are a few screen-grabs for your viewing pleasure:





Get the complete scoop at the boxee blog