Monday, January 05, 2009

Roku Netflix Player – Now Does HD Plus Amazon Unbox Video on Demand

Those Roku Netflix Player naysayers have a few less things to complain about.  The Roku Netflix Player has upgraded to HD Netflix Watch Now (HD titles available) via firmware update.  Roku now has announced that they’ll be offering over 40,000 Movies and TV Shows for VOD rental or purchase from Amazon Unbox.

For me, Netflix Watch Now and Amazon Unbox make a great paring if Amazon Unbox gets it’s HD on soon.  Throw in Hulu or CBS for instance and you have yourself a nice segway between internet video and your television.  My preference would be to put this all under the hood of a single device (read HTPC or the TV itself) but its hard to argue against a box that would bring all of these things to the television for a low price.  Still, as Dave Zatz states Amazon Unbox needs HD – without it its just not as appealing.


via ZatzNotFunny and Engadget