Monday, March 09, 2009

Hauppauge Working on HD version of MediaMVP

Hauppauge, the guys that brought us many HTPC tuners and devices (Hauppauge HD-PVR anyone?) is updating their aging MediaMVP media player with a new, HD-ready version called the MediaMVP-HD.


The new Hauppauge MediaMVP-HD was exhibited at CeBIT 2009 in Hanover.  The new media player is in a small box that looks strikingly similar to the SageTV HD200 and I wouldn't be shocked if the internals were similar if not nearly the same as the HD200.  Like most media players these days, the MediaMVP-HD connects to your TV via LAN or wireless via USB Wifi dongle to provide video, audio and photos to your TV set.


There's not a lot of details available yet, but I pulled the following from the German CNet site:

  • HD Capable
  • Plays all major media formats (I'll have to check on which ones specifically since "major" is a bit broad for me)
  • Can connect to Windows machines or Samba network drives via network connection
  • USB slot on front
  • I see component video and S-Video but no DVI or HDMI unfortunately. UPDATE: It does look like HDMI is on this box - looking at the cable on the right side of the second photo I believe that is actually an HDMI cable plugged in
  • Expected to be available mid-2009 although no official word from hauppauge on the exact date and which countries this will be available for.


UPDATE via SHS on AVSForum:

  • Board: The box uses a Sigma 8654
  • Video: Component Video, S-Video, Composite and HDMI outputs
  • Audio: Left audio, Right audio and Toslink Digital Optical audio output
  • LAN Network input (not sure if gigabit or not)
  • OS: Linux and Samba based
  • It can be a standalone (it does not need a PC to boot like the previous MediaMVP did).




For those of you who speak German, feel free to let me know what the videos

CNet Germany