Monday, March 09, 2009

PlayOn Adds Amazon VOD - Works on XBox360 PS3 and SageTV HD200

If you're a XBox360, PS3 or SageTV HD200 owner, you've probably heard of PlayOn, a video streaming

PlayOn is a streaming software that lets you stream Hulu, Netflix CNN, CBS, YouTube, ESPN and now Amazon VOD and Revision3 online content sources to your XBox 360, PS3, Popcorn Hour and many other players.  I use it with the SageTV HD200 which isn't officially supported by PlayOn but does work for the most part.

I've tested the new Amazon VOD on the SageTV HD200 and it works well.  Now if we could get Amazon to hurry up with the HD already!

You can pick up PlayOn for$40 and try it out for a free, 2-week trial available on their site.  They have plans for some new features and Wii support in early 2009.