Wednesday, June 10, 2009

HD Movie Trailers for a Dead HTPC Software?

Beyond Media HD Trailers

Over a year ago I used to use Snapstream's Beyond Media HTPC front-end software along with Beyond TV.  Back then I had hopes that Beyond Media would evolve into an integrated HTPC software to take BeyondTV to the next level.  Unfortunately Snapstream abandoned BeyondMedia and even ceased to sell the software and focus on their Enterprise product and leave BeyondTV as a TV-centric, software-based PVR product.  Since then there are still a few users of Beyond Media including one guy who made a new plugin - HD Movie Trailers!

Tommy (goes by Tmar89 on the Snapstream Forums) created a plugin for Beyond Media that retrieves the list of HD trailers from Yahoo! Movies and allows the user to view details and download any of the available trailers in 480p, 720p and/or 1080p. The plugin has two main views: Poster view and Title and Actors view. Also, there is a file library built in to see what's been downloaded and give the user to ability to delete them.

Beyond Media HD Trailers List View

If you're one of the few lonely, abandoned Beyond Media users you can read about the HD Movie Trailers Plugin at the Snapstream Forums


There are a few different plugins (and a built-in way) to get Movie Trailers in SageTV, but I'm not entirely pleased with any of them.  Here's hoping they get an easy-to install and use way of getting HD movie trailers in SageTV soon.  Congrats to Tommy for a job well done on this plugin.