Saturday, June 13, 2009

BeyondTV 4.9.2 Released from Beta

The folks at Snapstream quietly (extremely quietly as I only found out about this from a tip) released the latest version of the popular BeyondTV PVR software, BeyondTV 4.9.2 (build 6323) out of beta.  This is a minor release, but has a few bug fixes and improvements:

Bug Fixes

- Fix to management of pooled video folders
- During LiveTV or Recorded Show playback, a system's screen saver or auto-lock will end the playback session
- Fixed bug in web admin where large lists would cause timeouts before a page could save
- Fixed several scheduler issues regarding lineup configurations with show duplicates existing on analog/digital
- Fixed a bug that caused ShowSqueeze operations on 4+ hour HD recordings to fail and/or loop
- Improved QAM mapping resolution detection and fixed a bug that would show 1080i for all channels
- Fixed a bug where special characters in LDAP group names would cause them not to import
- Extremely large HD files would report incorrect duration


- Overhaul of the lineup configuration page of the Web UI (Channels.aspx)
- Updated h264 Decoder
- Improvements to the WebUI when using IE8
- Improved handling of recording meta-data when being transferred from an external source

Head over to to get this latest version of BeyondTV and see the full release notes