Saturday, June 13, 2009

SageTV HD Extender Firmware Released 20090611

SageTV continues to update their HD Extender products with improvements and bug fixes.  Over the past week there have been two firmware updates.  Changes include:

HD Theater (HD200) and HD Extender (HD100) Beta firmware version "20090609 1" includes:

  1. Improve seeking in flac files with index (HD200 and HD100)
  2. Fix flac audio decoding for larger packets (file with very high settings still can't playback because of cpu resource limit) (HD200 and HD100)
  3. Fix 5.1 downmix when using software decoding (HD200 and HD100)
  4. Add support for forced subtitles (standalone or v6.5.17 & newer server) (HD200 and HD100)
  5. Fix for network share browsing (HD200 Only)
  6. Fix possible network streaming error case (HD200 Only)

HD Theater (HD200) and HD Extender (HD100) Beta firmware version "20090611 1" includes:

  1. Fix bug when pausing for a long time (HD200 and HD100)
  2. Update content type detection (HD200 Only)
  3. Add new syslog debugging (HD200 Only)
    (Creates sagetv_0.txt and logs/messages & logs/messages.0 in TempLogs share; enable debug logging and Windows File Server option.)

When using the STP-HD200 as a SageTV media extender, it is recommended that SageTV server beta v6.5.17 or newer be used.


Remember, these updates are still in beta so to get the updates you need to follow this procedure: While using the HD200 as a Media Player (standalone mode), use the remote's number pad to enter the code 2382 ('beta') on the HD200's Settings -> System Update menu in order to tell it to look for the beta version

More information at SageTV Forums:  HD200 Firmware Information and HD100 Firmware Information