Thursday, March 05, 2009

Barnes and Noble Picks up Fictionwise - eBooks Surge Forward

Barnes & NobleFictionWise

If you had any doubt whether electronic books were moving in on the traditional paper book you only have to look to the announcement by Barnes and Noble yesterday that they've acquired Fictionwise, the operator of popular eBook stores and  What is Barnes and Noble up to you ask?  You guessed it, they will be launching their own eBook store sometime this year.

Barnes and Noble is obviously moving towards eBooks as a move to keep up with and their Kindle eBook product. and are both great eBook stores so keep your eyes on this one.  I'm betting Amazon is in for a fight and the result should provide a great opportunity for consumers to see some significant price drops in eBook Readers.  Ten years from now we'll be laughing at how so many people "didn't get" the move towards e-Books in the 2000's.

Fictionwise is one of the most popular independent sellers of eBooks.  They support Palm, PocketPC, HieBook, Mobipocket, eBookMan, Adobe, MS Reader and WinCE.  And yes, you can use these books on the Amazon Kindle and view the books in Windows and Mac via a free eReader software they provide.

via TeleRead