Wednesday, March 04, 2009

VidaBox Launches Entry Level Media Server

Vidabox announced the launch of the new RoomClient: SE system, an entry-level, Windows Vista-based media server.  The new media server is targeted at the entry-level customer with a starting price of $2,248.

Vidabox RoomClient


Since I just reviewed the VidaBox Media Center keyboard, this one caught my eye.  VidaBox focuses on the high-end customer and installer market, but have added this server/extender device as a less expensive option (for that market).


From the Press Release:

Starting at $2248, the RoomClient:SE stores movies, pictures, music, and more for on-demand access via an on-screen, remote controlled interface.  Cover art from movies and music titles are automatically downloaded along with every archival.  Complete with 1080p upscaling and full Dolby Digital and DTS support, it's designed to deliver a stunning entertainment experience without compromising quality.

The RoomClient: SE server is basically a pre-packaged Home Theater PC based on Vista Media Center with the following specs:

  • TV Tuner:  a single analog and single digital TV tuner
  • Storage: 1TB hard drive (upgradable)
  • MB: Intel Mobile 750
  • Memory: 2GB DDR2-800MHz
  • Optical Drive: Dual layer DVD+-RW
  • Video Out:  DVI, HDMI (with DVI adapter), Component, VGA and S-Video
  • LAN: Gigabit
  • Audio: Optical and coax SPDIF, 3.5mm analog 7.1 line-out
  • Built in card reader
  • Firewire 1394 port

Vidabox RoomClient back

The RoomClient: SE system is targeted at the integrator and tech-savvy customer as an entry-level HTPC in a compact, but powerful package.  For the person who wants to buy the pre-configured all-in-one Media Center package this device is certainly worth a look.  The box is small (smaller than a shoebox) but looks great.  I sent a note to the VidaBox rep to see if there is an upgrade path for Windows 7.


Read more about the new VidaBox Media Server at VidaBox