Monday, March 02, 2009

Netflix Plugin for Windows Media Center Updated for Silverlight

The popular vmcNetflix plugin for Vista Media Center has been updated to now work with the new Netflix Silverlight player.


vmcNetflix has given Vista Media Center users the ability to view Netflix Watch-Now streaming content on their Vista Media Center PCs and extenders for a while now, but today, the developer added on support for the new silverlight player being used Netflix.  From the release 1.1.12 notes:

If using the Silverlight Player, it should automatically go to Full Screen once the movies plays.  "Pause" and "Play" should work.  "Stop"  will close the player an return to the vmcNetflix app.

Above is the first release using the C# COM DLL that interface with jscript and an AHK script, the AHK script is based on what brainbones had implemented for SageTV - but I stripped it down to include some minimal functionality, for now.

This update should only effect those using the silverlight player on a VMC PC.

It should be noted that this update was a joint effort by the developer of vmcNetflix and a SageTV user who created the ability to control the Silverlight, Netflix Player via Remote Control.  The SageTV Netflix plugin will be using the same silverlight controls soon. 

It's good to see SageTV and Windows Media Center user/developers sharing information and tools - it only makes both platforms better in the long run.

via vmcNetflix Project Page