Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ask The Readers - Firewire for Channel Changing - Are You Doing It?

Firewire on Cablebox


I'm preparing an article explaining How to use the Firewire Port to change channels on your Cable or Satellite Box with SageTV.  But before I complete the how-to, I'm looking for input from GeekTonic readers that use any HTPC solution (SageTV or others) who use Firewire.

  Firewire Cable

Please answer in the comments section the following:

  • Let me know if you are currently using firewire to change channels on your HTPC OR even to tune channels on your HTPC.
  • Let me know if you've attempted to get a firewire-enabled cable or satellite box, but couldn't.  I'm interested in stories about any difficulties of obtaining a firewire-enabled box.

If you're not sure what I'm talking about (that happens a lot here in the GeekTonic Home) I'll explain everything shortly.