Wednesday, July 15, 2009

SageTV Adding Wireless N Option for HD Theater


SageTV HD200

One of the few shortcomings of the SageTV HD Theater (can be used as an extender to SageTV HTPC software OR as a standalone Media Player) is that it had no way to connect to a wireless network.  This was never much of an issue for me as all of my TVs have ethernet connections nearby.  But for many, there was a strong desire to have Wireless.  Soon, SageTV will release an update to the HD200 Theater device that will add Wireless N connectivity with a add-on dongle.

SageTV is working on a solution for this problem that eliminates nearly all of that headache and makes the installation and setup as easy as booting from a USB drive.  You supply the computer and hardware and this product handles most of the setup.

Wireless N Dongle for PCH

Coming Soon: Wireless N for the SageTV HD Theater

In an interview GeekTonic had with Jeff Kardatzke, CTO of SageTV we learned that the flagship CE device, the SageTV HD Theater (aka HD200) will be getting Wireless N support via firmware update.  This update should arrive in the next beta cycle in the coming month or so.  There currently aren’t many details on how it will all work or what specific hardware will work with it, but my bet is on a WiFi dongle.  Something like the Atheros-based WiFi dongle as used on the PopCornHour and other devices.


When I asked Kardatzke about an estimated arrival date he said this:

“The current beta program will finish up to release first and then another beta will come out shortly afterwards with wireless support."

I’m expecting this could mean we’ll see this in a beta firmware in the coming two months and in a final version soon after.

Adding Wireless N capability should address one of the concerns reviewers mentioned when reviewing the HD200 as a Media Player.  While I always recommend using a wired connection for the best, most reliable connection – especially with HD content, it’s always nice to have options as some homes just don’t have the option to add holes in the wall.


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