Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Kindle Credit - Another Reason I Like Amazon


Last week I reported about the price reduction on the Kindle from $359 down to $299.  It just so happened that my dad had just purchased a Kindle and it was to arrive at his home the day after the price reduction.  Amazon came through on delivering great customer service on the Kindle in this case:

We ordered the Kindle for 2-day delivery so my dad would have it in time to use on his trip.  But something went wrong with the delivery and it arrived on the 3rd day after he had left for the trip.  Fortunately he had someone pick up the package for him, but when he returned he promptly called Amazon Customer Support at 866-321-8851.  There is a bit of a “phone tree” to wade your way through, but the customer support person handled the call quickly and politely.

The Official word from Amazon on the Credit is this:

Amazon said customers who ordered a Kindle that had shipped within the past 30 days would receive a $60 credit on the price difference.

It’s not that I expected Amazon to not give the credit, but they made it easy to do.  In addition, they automatically removed the shipping charge due to the one-day delay as well.  Nice Job Amazon!

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