Friday, July 17, 2009

New Version of MyMovies for MediaCenter Coming September

My Movies 3

The developer of “My Movies” for Microsoft Media Center announced on the MissingRemote Forums that a new version of My Movies (3.0) is planned for September.

MyMovies 3.0 was written in MCML for Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Brian Binnerup the developer of My Movies has posted in the MissingRemote forums that a new version of My Movies will be coming in September and will be the first version that is a native Windows Media center application (written in MCML). Brian sent me a some work in progress screenshots (which I can’t show yet) and it is looking very nice.

Brian is going to be talking about the features of My Movies 3 on The Media Center Show when the beta is available in September so keep an eye out on the blog for details

“This might be as good as any place to mention the specific release plans.
My Movies 3, in MCML, for Windows Vista and Windows 7 will be released in a beta on September 1'st.  The final version will be available late October with Windows 7.”

Brian went on to tell a few more details of the planned release in the MissingRemote Forums