Friday, July 17, 2009

Boxee Gets Updated

This week Boxee released an update (version 0.9.14) to their HTPC software.  The update focuses mostly on bugs and stability issues.  They also released a “Find Your Frieds on Boxee” page that allows you to search for other Boxee Members based on your gmail, twitter, yahoo, windows live and friendfeed friends.

Find Boxee Friends

The Find Friends Interface works much like other social network apps and looks like this:

Boxee Find Friends

If you’re a Boxee user, you can use the “Boxee Find Friendsinterface here


Updates to Boxee Software

New Features:

  • Geo-based filtering of Apps - enables app developers to indicate in which countries the app works, so people who can’t access the content will not see it in the app box (the user can disable the filtering by going to Settings > Appearance > View options)
  • Adult content filter for Apps and RSS feeds - applications, RSS feeds and specific items can be marked as adult by the app developer. The user can control whether he’d like to see adult apps or not (default is hide adult content) by going to Settings > Appearance > View options.
  • List of unresolved videos - under browse there is now an option to view unresolved videos, there you will be able to view the latest video files boxee found on your home networks, but could not determine whether they are specific TV Shows or movies. You can use the “recognize” feature to try and manually tell boxee what this video is.

Bug Fixes:

  • Windows: crashes on ProjectM (still known issue with shutdown while playing music)
  • Windows: fullscreen toggle (still when going to windowed mode - the ratio is wrong and a user has to”drag” the window to fix it)
  • Windows: installer now removes obsolete dll-s in the flashplayer folder (those were crashing Flash playback when a user updated a previous install)
  • OS X: system’s screen saver was taking over with no way to remove it using the remote
  • Occasional deadlock when playing video and toggling between “now playing” screen and other screens
  • Occasional deadlock when starting to play something while something else is playing
  • When adding a feed default to “rss://” if nothing was specified
  • Python apps and scripts could corrupt one another while running in parallel (example: lyrics when playing from pandora)
  • Crashes, hangs and mem-leaks on image loading

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