Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Roku Drops Prices $69 for HD and $99 for HD-XR

Roku HD-XR Player

Roku is responding to competition from Sony and possibly others (rumors of Apple TV and Netflix Streaming are leaking out tonight) with a decent price drop on their popular streamer boxes:

The Roku SD Player is now $59 (was $79)

The Roku HD Player is now $69 (was $99)

and the Roku HD-XR Player is now $99 (was $129)

Add to this the fact that the Roku HD-XR is due to receive 1080p streaming support later this year and you have an interesting story.  I expect the competition to get really tough for those focusing on Netflix streaming as this will become a very common thing in hardware that does much more – especially if it does turn out to be a feature in the rumored AppleTV upgrades.