Thursday, September 02, 2010

SageTV HD300 Review Update – Multi Channel PCM Fix

The GeekTonic review of the SageTV HD300 listed this:

“Inability to handle multi-channel PCM output”

as a “negative” in review so I thought I would update everyone on a firmware update fix pushed out to all HD300’s last night.

The latest SageTV HD300 firmware addresses the multi-channel PCM issue.  Now non-Dolby/DTS, Multi-Channel formats are output as multi-channel PCM as you would expect.  I checked this out with a Blu-ray rip with 7.1 LPCM and the receiver (and my speakers) registered it as 7.1 channels.  I didn’t see this as a huge negative in the first place but great to see another example of the SageTV team pushing out firmware updates to address issues so quickly.

In case you were wondering the actual firmware changelog was as follows:

  • Add HDMI multiple channels pcm output for non-bitstream formats (aac, pcm,flac, wmapro...)
  • Send WOL packet to server on quick reconnect (Home button)
  • Fix a network share connection issue