Tuesday, August 23, 2011

GeekTonic Guide to TV-New Fall 2011 TV CW

The Fall 2011 TV Season is nearly upon us.  To get things started GeekTonic is running through all of the new TV series coming this Fall.  The past few days we’ve covered the new shows on CBS, new series on FOX, series premieres on ABC, NBC and now CW’s new series.

Other Network Premieres Covered:


H8R – Wednesday, 9/14 on CW 8pm

Mario Lopez hosts this new reality series from CW.  Lisa Gregorisch-Dempsey of Extra is working on a new show that pairs people with the celebrities they hate.  This show lets reality TV’s biggest detractors meet face to face with the stars they loathe.  First up will be Kim Kardashian and Jersy Shore’s Snooki.


Hart of Dixie – Monday, 9/26 on CW 9pm

A new soap drama for CW.

TV.com synopsis:  Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage "Gossip Girl & The O.C" team up again with Rachel Bilson in Hart of Dixie in this new show for The CW. The show follows Dr. Zoe Hart a young doctor from New York City who moves to a small Southern town after inheriting a medical practice and soon meets an electric and eccentric group of characters.


Ringer – Tuesday, 9/13 on CW 9pm

A new action/suspense drama starring Sarah Michelle Geller originally slated for CBS, but moved to CW instead.

TV.com synopsis:  Ringer stars Sarah Michelle Geller who plays Bridget.  Bridget leads a troubled life, takes over that of her rich twin sister Siobhan's after she mysteriously dies. Bridget soon finds that her sister's life is full of danger. There is a hit out on her and if that weren't enough, she soon falls under the suspicion of her sister's husband Andrew.


The Secret Circle – Thursday, 9/15 on CW 9pm

A new fantasy drama all about magic, witches and relationships.

Tv.com synopsis:  The Secret Circle is based on a book trilogy by the author L.J. Smith; which, follows a normal teenager, Cassie Blake, who moves to a new town of Chance Harbor and discovers she is a witch and is part of a secret coven.

That’s it for the new CW series.  Next up is a review of a few cable network series premieres.  We’ll finish with lists of all new TV series and finally a list of all TV premieres including new series AND returning series.  Stay tuned to GeekTonic for more!